Requirements for Membership

Must be a member of
○ Royal Arch
○ Cryptic Council
○ Lodge & Council

Types of Membership

  • Full Membership By Affiliation only
  • Honorary Membership (Must be member of a Chapter)
  • Digital Membership Must be in Royal Arch(for interested in receiving a copy of lectures )
    (No rights to vote or hold office only lectures available)

Office Bearers

  • Only Past Principals can hold the chair
  • Must be a Full member to hold office
  • Installation of office bearers will be every 2 years with a re-obligation the second year

Meetings of the Chapter

  •  Usual Masonic Business transacted
  •  Meetings to be held 3 times a year on the 5th week of the month To be Determined
  •  A Paper will Be Performed at EVERY meeting
  • The Royal Arch Chapter of Research does not engage in the exemplification of Masonic Ritual
  • All Masonic etiquette and toasts complied with at Harmony

Visiting the chapter

  • Any Royal arch Companion is Welcome to Visit the chapter
  • Companions From other constitutions In agreement with SGRAC can visit the Chapter

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