Why A Chapter of Research ?

There are many Lodges of research But they deal with Lodge Research and Come under the durisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland as Such they do not deal with Royal Arch Topics As i am interested in the Royal arch and Know of others who are also interested i decided to Start A Chapter of Research

As the first  Scottish Chapter of Research will have a Great opportunity To provide Scottish Royal Arch , Cryptic Council and Lodge & Council Members with accurate information concerning Scottish Red Masonry

The purpose of the Chapter is to encourage Scottish Royal Arch Masonic research and study by its members and others, to present findings and conclusions to the Chapter for discussion and interchange of judgment, to sponsor discussion and debate topics pertaining to Royal Arch Masonry. Provide companions under Scottish Constitution or in affinity with SGRAC information

This will be Achieved through the following Methods

  •  Mailing list to subscribing members
  •  Web published Documents
  •   Hard copy Publications
  •  Through Masonic Libraries
  •  Year book publications
  •  Website publications
  •  Printed Documents
  •  Lecture
  •  Mailing lists
  •  History
  •  Research

a. Good information For Members of the Chapter / Cryptic/ Lodge & Council will make for a better understanding of the degrees and there workings
b. Giving Members the opportunity to Help improve the relationship with other provinces and constitutions
c. Provide an accurate difference between constitutions and degrees


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